Lifestyle Reset Programme

This programme is geared towards healthy individuals or those with chronic disease who want to understand their bodies, optimise their lifestyle, cultivate a positive mindset and improve their health in a holistic manner. We help patients who have Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gut health issues, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, PCOS, obesity, thyroid disorders and other chronic conditions.


  • Duration 12 Weeks
  • Price AED 4200
  • Follow up AED 1150/month

Health Risk Assessment & Goal Setting

A thorough lifestyle and medical evaluation with risk stratification and goal setting.

Progressive habit building & Personalised Solutions

A customised flexible plan to optimise your lifestyle with regular accountability checks.

Education & Empowerment

A meticulously curated education programme to help you understand your body better.

Ongoing Journey

Providing you with tips & techniques to make your journey long lasting.