Optimise your


to achieve better health


to achieve better health
We help patients optimise lifestyle changes in order to improve, reverse and prevent chronic conditions. Our bespoke programmes are evidence-based, effective, practical, and sustainable. We provide you with support anytime, anywhere.

The secret of making progress is to get started.

Let us help you enable your inner potential. We will guide you through your renewal journey and make it a part of your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Reset

A personalised transformative programme to help you finally achieve your health and well-being goals! We provide you with 24/7 access to health experts who will support you during your journey.


A 60 minute consultation with a thorough medical and lifestyle evaluation. We then derive an action plan that is customised to your health and lifestyle goals.

Our Principles

Work With Us

You’re in the right place if you are looking to understand your body & take charge of your health! Our programmes focus on the following five principles of Lifestyle Medicine.
Principle - EAT

We believe in personalised non-restrictive and effective nutrition solutions to help achieve your goals.

Principle - MOVE

We help you engage in joyful movement more regularly in a way that is suited to your exercise personality and helps support your goals.

Principle - THINK

Teaching you to understand negative stress responses, triggers and supporting you with tools to improve stress management.

Principle - CONNECT

Leveraging the power of connection to help improve mental, physical and spiritual health.

Principle - SLEEP

Providing you with techniques to optimise and restore sleep quality.

The Lifestyle Reset Programme has transformed my health so drastically without me feeling like I have made massive changes in my lifestyle. When I approached Dr. Aarti, we started off with gradual changes to my lifestyle every week in a way that felt very doable. After a period of 2 months, I looked back and I felt like I didn’t even recognize myself. I was craving my vegetables and unable to go 2 days without exercise.
Three months later, I reversed my pre-diabetes, my cholesterol levels are better and uric acid back in range. I am so thankful to her and her team for being so innovative in the way they have worked with me.

Kainat, 35

The Sustain program has been transformational in improving my health parameters and overall quality of life. I have struggled in the past to juggle between Dr’s advise and a holistic coach’s approach to find my intuitive eating pattern and manage my health condition. Dr Aarti’s holistic approach partnered with her medical background helped me incalculate a better relationship with food, be consistent with my fitness goals and reduce my dependency on medication.
We set goals from Day 1 and in less than 5 months including a 6 weeks vacation my blood sugar, cholesterol levels have improved, BP has normalized, lost 15kg resulting in a more confident, at peace self! Dr Aarti’s support the last months coupled with her deep knowledge has been the best experience!

Radha, 40

Dubai Fitness Challenge

  • Period 29-Oct-2022
  • Challenge 30 mins.
    30 days
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