Dr. Aarti Javeri-Mehta

MBBS (Distinction in Clinical Science & Clinical Practise)
B.Sc. Medical Sciences with Management (First Class Honours)
MRCP (Royal College of Physicians)
SCE (Endocrinology & Diabetes by Royal College of Physicians)
Diplomate of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine
Culinary Medicine Diploma

Dr. Aarti Javeri-Mehta is an Internal Medicine Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Imperial College London with a distinction in clinical practice and clinical science.  Dr. Javeri is a thought leader in the movement of  Lifestyle Medicine and is the Global Ambassador of European Lifestyle Medicine Organization in the UAE. She has delivered speeches and talks at key conferences and also been a part of Women’s Week educational talks at the PMO in Dubai. 

Dr. Aarti Javeri-Mehta is an expert in Lifestyle Medicine and has worked with many clients to help improve, reverse and treat chronic diseases. She is extremely approachable, caring and empathetic towards her patients.  She spends time with patients to establish the root of all concerns, to diagnose, to educate and subsequently derive management plans that are easy to follow and derive big results. 


PCOS & Us was founded by Lifestyle Medicine Doctors who bonded over a common concern: the lack of support, empathy & accurate information within PCOS management that impacts countless women worldwide.

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